The Hotel Pegrà Guides!
We introduce you to those who will accompany you during our Tour:


Giacomo Manenti

Born in Brescia on December 23, 1991, I lived and studied until I graduated from Liceo Classico before moving to Ponte di Legno where I studied at the University of the Mountain. The bike has always loved me since I was young, even though I started seriously going to the middle when I was noticed and hired by a Mtb team; From two years with so many positive results and some success. There were so many proposals for me and I decided to go to the road and started the full part of my career. A fast passer, with an innate dissection ability, improved even thanks to the beginnings of Mtb I got the nickname “Falco”, and my great desire to fight and always go to the attack and never to let me know in the group Like “Spartacus”. My career has given me so much satisfaction and allowed me to shoot Italy and Europe, it lasted until the second year from Under23, at the end of which, with no easy choice, I decided to stop working on the studies. The passion for cycling, of course, has not passed, indeed it has become stronger. Ever since I stopped, I enjoy every lap and I’m always testing with new challenges both on the road and in Mtb, raising the bar to measure my limits. So in the last few years I’ve been competing in 24H solo races, extreme Mtb marathons like the Salzkammergut Trophy, racing in racing bikes like the Endura Alpen Traum or lonely 300 laps and miles. I attended the course of the National Academy and I was qualified as a guide and army especially in the Valcamonica area without disdaining even Switzerland, Austria or France. “