For Non-cyclists, the hotel recommends a variety of activities to try to transform your trip to Pontedilegno on a unique occasion for fun, outdoor life and taste. From here it is easy to reach the main walks and excursions, including the legendary Flower Trail (tracing the daring walkways, galleries and trinkets of the first Italian line during the White War), or even for the little ones, the Mammoth Village or the Sozzine park with the brand new Kneipp path.

If culture is to fascinate you, the Dalignese hinterland offers you valuable opportunities for encountering art and history.

Castles and villages with antique charm know you overwhelm yourself in a dive in the past.

Do you like the good table and want to discover the most inviting recipes of the area?

The Hotel Garnì Pegrà invites you to enjoy tasting tours, for a dive into the authentic flavors of Italian-loving cuisine. And whenever you want to go to physical activity, here you have the opportunity to take part in organized Nordic Walking courses, in the company of Milva, our friendly guide. Excursions are suitable for the whole family! If you do not like any of the activities we have, we also have Golf, Rafting, Climbing, Trekking and Tennis.